Learn more about the product line designed to protect you against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The products reduce the risk of contracting droplet-borne diseases, and are a great fit for places of direct contact between clients or colleagues: shopping malls, shops, offices, hospitals, medical centers, gas stations, open space offices as well as stations and airports.

#ProClean: Free-standing version Proclean 1

Automatic hand disinfector

The new series of Proclean products have been designed for hand disinfection in public spaces. Proclean is available in free-standing and wall-mounted versions. Contactless disinfectors have a built-in infrared motion sensor and are mains powered. A characteristic feature of the Proclean distributor is the careful finish and solid metal construction, available in  colors: white, gray or dark gray. The contactless dispenser is also quick to install – it takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

*For orders over 100 pieces, you can personalize the color according to the RAL palette.


#ProClean: Wall-mounted version Proclean 2

Small and easy to install

We know how important it is to maintain health and safety at work during this difficult time. Specially designed hanging automatic disinfectant dispensers will help to decontaminate your hands in a non-contact way. It is perfect for offices, food chains, pharmacies and medical centers, open space offices, gas stations and other places with a large number of people.


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The new series of ProClean products has been created for hand disinfection in public spaces. The timeless design and solid construction allows it to fit into any surrounding.

ProClean is available in two versions: free-standing and wall-mounted, and in colors: white, gray or dark gray.

*For orders over 100 pieces, you can personalize the color according to the RAL palette.

Automatic hand disinfector

Proclean 1 free-standing version

Proclean 2 wall-mounted version

What distinguishes ProClean

ProClean is a must for clean hands

ProClean can be used in any publicly accessible space where the sanitary regime is particularly important. Increased social sensitivity in the field of hygiene will make it work in places open to the public: shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, schools and universities, offices, office spaces, gas stations, as well as in hospitals and medical centers.

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Proclean 1 – free-standing, white

Proclean 2 – wall-mounted, white

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